September 22, 2017

If you haven't yet, go look at our last Facebook post, and participate for a chance to win a FREE $20 MEAL!!!

Yup! You read that right. 

(HINT): Can't find the answer to the question? Look on our website at

Don't forget to share the post, or else you will not win.


September 19, 2017

WANT A FREE MEAL?!?! All you have to do is this: Visit our Facebook page at and follow the directions on our last post for a c

September 13, 2017

We offer SO MANY delicious dinner options. We have one of the largest menus in Cadillac, MI. Check it out at

Don't know how to get here? No problem (click that)

We absolutely believe that you will fall in love with it.


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August 28, 2017

It is our mission to increase our ranking online because we truly believe that we are one of the best restaurants in Cadillac, Michigan. We'll even admit it. We

August 16, 2017

6oz of NEVER frozen juicy ground beef, freshly steamed mozzarella cheese, slow cooked homemade French onion soup, open faced bakery bun with deluxe toppings...

July 29, 2017

Every single Friday we take pride in serving YOU unlimited deep fried Alaskan Cod...

July 24, 2017

This is our prime rib. We slow roast it fresh every day to perfection. 

The piece of beef comes from one of the utmost of beef suppliers in the United States. We use only prime grade beef to ensure quality, and tenderness every time. 

The prime rib comes in 2 different selections: Queen Cut - 10oz. & King Cut - 16oz. 

June 24, 2017

We only use the freshest, finest, and most local products possible. Our Blue Scramble is just that. If you like things that are different, you'll love this.

Lets breakdown the dish itself. It has locally grown red peppers and mushrooms, organic spinach, and aged blue cheese. We then use a fresh caged free egg, blending it all together to make one. It is grilled until perfection, and even topped off with crispy hash browns. Your choice of toast. 

We plan on doing some more features of our menu items, so stay tuned. If you haven't yet, like us on Facebook, and give us a rev...

May 1, 2017

Remember to treat your mother to something special on Mother's Day. That's why you should bring her in, to either our special breakfast and brunch buffet. We are putting in extra effort to make this awesome. We are really looking forward to seeing you! Check out our buffet page to see more details - 

ALSO!!! - Like us on Facebook to keep up with exclusive information, where you can't find anywhere else. AAAANNNND... Give us a review on Google. 

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