50% OFF for a Simple Review?

April 8, 2018

We just started The Item of the Day and we’re currently on item #5, which happens to be our fried pickles today. Go back to our earlier Facebook and Instagram posts to see what they were! We are going down the menu, beginning to end, providing you with a picture and talking about every item on there. We’ll try to post them around 12PM (noon) everyday to keep things practical. The reason we are doing this is to show you the possibilities of choosing us as your dining option. We always talk about how large our menu is, and how much variety it provides, and that still remains 100% true to this day. We just thought it would be a good idea for you to be able to visibly see the variety, and not only read or hear about it. 


Aside from that, we also want to talk to you about some things we’ve been thinking of. 

 You might know by now that almost everything is online, and information is abundant. Almost everything is at the tip of your fingertips, with a simple Google search away. Don’t know how to set up your cable box? Type it in Google, press the search button. Wondering what intermittent fasting is? Ask Google. Want to know what restaurant to go to locally? That’s right, ask Google. Oh yeah we had to tie this in some how. 


About that. 


We have been really upset by our ratings online. Mainly TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Facebook. We should be ranked much higher than what we are. Let us explain.


You see, when these online review websites came out, they didn’t change restaurants, hotels, ect… they exposed them. Now, what we just said is a flawed statement. Why? Because we left something out. Not only did places get exposed, but the websites (apps) became a platform to lie on.


People are people, and some lie. However, with the internet, information is one click away and millions of people can see what one person said online. With the websites we just talked about, millions of people can see what one person said about us online. There is more good than bad, however the bad is mainly made up-far from the truth, and old. If you break down the “review psychology” (which we have) many people will leave (on average) either a very good, or a very poor review. They think “If I’m going to write a review, I might as make it worth my time.” If they had a good experience, it usually puts them in a good mood and they would like to thank the restaurant by helping them out, improving their creditability. The opposite also applies. If someone had a less than ideal experience, they are usually in a bad mood, and would like to attack the restaurant’s creditability. 


Often times (at least in our experience) people that didn’t have the ideal experience we’d liked to have provided them with, simply make up false facts because they feel that they’ve been provided with inadequate value. They think if they “wasted their hard earned money” then they need to get some type of value out of the situation. Anger arises and becoming a “keyboard warrior” is what they resort to. We aren’t perfect, but we strive to be close. We are only human too, and that means we also mess up. Even from 5 years ago, we’ve made SUBSTANTIAL improvements overall. It just breaks our heart that a person who has never heard of us before, would decide not to try us out, and could’ve potentially found their “new favorite place”, because of fake reviews. 


Reviews are what we live on, so we are asking you of one thing.





  1. Leave a review on Yelp or TripAdvisor. (Ideally a good one)

  2. Screenshot your review and send it to us via Facebook Messenger (your Facebook name must match the reviewer name)

  3. Stop in and order 50% off apps!


Hurry! This will only be available to do until next Sunday, April 15th. 


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