Have You Heard of This Eating Style?

April 2, 2018

Intermittent fasting. (IF) is great for some people, and for some others, not so much. Intermittent fasting is a style of eating where you wake up and don’t eat anything until the afternoon. A common approach is the 16-8 style, where you fast for 16 hours, then you can eat within an 8 hour window.

An example of a regular day of eating would look like this: you wake up at 8AM and don’t eat anything until 2-5PM. From 2PM you have an 8 hour feeding window where you can eat whatever is within your diet. Some people work their way up to 18-6, or even 20-4. Also, some people think that this is outrageous, and we get it.


It sounds pretty insane to go that long without eating. However, what do you think our hunter-gathering ancestors did? They would go extended hours without eating, and then they would feast with big meals when they found food. You have the same DNA as your ancestors, and guess what, you’ve also been lied to.


The main reason you think it’s outrageous is becausehave been lied to mainly by cereal companies. What they did was told you that you must wake up and eat to “fuel” your day aka known as breakfast, aka buy their product. While the research says the opposite (that you don’t need to eat to have energy). We won’t go too in depth about the science, but what the science does say is when you eat, your insulin increases, and when you fast your glucagon increases. Insulin is basically energy storage. Glucagon is basically fat mobilization. So when you don’t eat throughout the day you’re burning fat. 

 Another benefit besides burning fat throughout the day, and feeling fully satisfied, is you will have crazy focus and alertness. If you drink black coffee (which you should) and pair it with intermittent fasting, you will get rid of that brain fog. Why does this work? It’s because your insulin isn’t spiking then crashing (and caffeine). Every time you eat, your insulin rises then falls. When it falls you feel sluggish, slow, and brain fog. Coffee (only spikes insulin a little bit) but it also helps so you won’t get hungry throughout the day. It’s an appetite suppressant, and has natural caffeine. So when you don’t have to worry about eating thought the day and you’re not hungry, you can focus (literally) on what you need to do. When you eat in the evening, you’ll be able to relax too, because you already got everything done, because you were focused earlier in the day.


The main reason we like this style of eating is because you get to binge eat but not overeat at the same time. When you DO eat in the afternoon, you can fully enjoy what you’re eating. Do you love eating big meals, but feel guilty because you ate so much? By doing IF, you will feel like you deserve the big meal, and actually enjoy it much more. You can devour a giant meal in the evening, and “pig out”. You’ll be saving all of your calories for your feeding window. WE HAVE A TON OF IF FRIENDLY MEALS AT BURKE'S.


Now, we also do like eating breakfast, and many people do. This isn’t a black and white thing. Breakfast is one of our favorite meals, and sometimes we’re simply hungry in the morning. (We also sell breakfast so we’d be crazy to not like it) Many of you have grown up on eating breakfast, and so have we. We just think you should look into this because we have done both.


First, do your own research. This style of eating isn’t for everyone. Always consult a professional before starting something like this. Especially if you have diabetic problems, be extra careful. Also stay very hydrated. We just thought that you might find this interesting. It can help you with your fitness goals, health goals, and “getting stuff done” goals. It can change your life. 



Oh and by the way -  a big reason of why we’re writing this is because a lot of us here at Burke’s are focusing on improving our health. If we improve our health, we improve our work. When we improve our work, we improve your happiness, and when you’re happy, we’re happy.


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