Cajun Benedict

March 1, 2018

This is our Cajun Benedict. We love making our customers this dish, mainly because it possesses such variety, and they tend to fall in LOVE with it.


Now, if you're looking to spice things up in the kitchen, you've arrived at the right place. We are going to tell you (not exactly how, but we're going to do our best at telling you how to make a Cajun Benedict at the comfort of your own home). There might be some things you have to get before you start, so look at the list, and read over the instructions extra carefully.


Now, fire! (In chef lingo that means to place an order before other orders. Example: if a table orders appetizers and entrees, the apps are fired first so that they can be eaten first.)


What you need:


• pan

• spatula

• a great attitude

• pot with boiling water

• an english muffin

• two eggs

• holiday sauce mix (click here for easy recipe)

• shrimp (bakeable crispy is ideal)

• hash browns (any store bought)

• Blackened Cajun seasoning

• Oil of your choice (vegetable works well)

• Butter



How to: (we aren't going into too much detail, because some of the equipment we use is most likely not used by many of you)

1.Start out by laying down a generous amount of hash browns, with your choice of oil. Heat on medium. Cook for around 10-15 minutes, flipping until preference. 

2. Take an English muffin, split it, and lavish butter on the open side of each slice. Place them on the grill, and cook until golden brown using medium heat. Remove and place side-by-side on a plate.


(optional) Many of you might not have a deep fryer at home, so you could consider buying frozen shrimp, and placing it in the oven. 


3. We deep fry our shrimp for roughly 5-7 minutes. Then our crispy deep fried shrimp is laid down on top of the two English muffins, in a circular fashion. Then we sprinkle 2 Tbsp. of blackened Cajun seasoning on top of it all.


4. After about 4-6 minutes, we remove the caged free poached eggs from the boiling water, and place them on top of the bed of shrimp & English muffin combo. We like to poach our eggs to about medium, but that's a personal preference.  


5. Okay, now you have to apply the holiday sauce. We make this sauce daily so it's always fresh. It's also a secret, so make this one instead. :) We slowly drizzle the creamy sauce directly on top.


6. The next step is to add the extra Blackened-Cajun seasoning on top. This really makes the dish pop with contrast. 


7. Basically, this last step is to inform you to place the hash browns on the plate, next to the Benedict structure.


8. We said there's only 7 steps, but we had to list one more: pull out your mobile device and read our other blogs, so you can get a similar Burke-experience right at home.


There ya have it! Best of luck. 


This is a highly attractive dish at an affordable price. That's what we love doing here at Burke's Waterfront Restaurant & Catering. Click here for menu. Click here for directions. 




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