The One Key To Make Eating Out Great

April 29, 2018

Eating out is one of the best things you can do. It relieves stress, it makes you feel good, and it’s a way to reward yourself. There’s a bunch of things that make eating out so great, but we wanted to highlight just one thing in particular. That thing is called atmosphere. 

You see, without a great atmosphere, it’s difficult to have a great experience. You probably spend the majority of your day inside, most likely under florescent lights (we know there's a few of you that don’t). When you decide to eat out, you are anticipating a great experience. If you forgot what we just said, a great experience is held up by a great atmosphere. A great atmosphere should look like this: a place with a positive vibe, that has big windows/outdoor seating for natural light, with a great view. 


We have said this before. Too many places do not have a great atmosphere to eat in. You shouldn’t be reminded by ridiculous amounts of fluorescent lighting, or stress. You should be able to escape and become fully satisfied with the current moment. You should be happy, and able to relax. You should be able to appreciate nature. 


Nature is a natural healer. Eating outside, or even inside, but with a great view, can change your entire headspace. 


We have an “eating out” philosophy that is pretty straight forward. A great experience with a great view, menu variety, and homestyle cooking. If one of these 3 things isn’t there, the triangle falls flat on it’s face. A great view has so many benefits (we’ve written a previous blog post about it), and you should value what you’re visually sensing rather than only tasting. 


Hopefully this has changed your mind about eating out. Eating out is a vacation. A mini vacation of course, but you eat out to treat yourself to something great. Why only taste the great food, when you can taste a great view. Why only get “something quick” when you can experience something exceptional?


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