Our Somewhat Controversial Opinion

March 25, 2018


We don’t like fast food. AT ALL. 


Now, you might be thinking, “that’s a little harsh,” or “that’s a bit offensive/odd for another restaurant to say that.” However it’s not. Bare with us. 

To fully understand our reasoning, we must first inform you about the history of fast food. The first fast food restaurant was created in 1921. Any idea of what that restaurant was? White Castle. Ahhh yes, the famous burger slider place. However, that’s when things were a little different. You’ll understand in a second. Shortly after that, one of the most popular, and revolutionary restaurants was ever created. You guessed it, in 1961, McDonald’s was purchased from the McDonald’s brothers for $2.7 million. McDonald’s, still running today, is worth enough to compete with companies like Disney. If you have read about McDonald’s history, or if you watched the movie ‘The Founder’ you know that Ray Croc basically wanted to create an automated and systematized process for cooking and serving food in a limited-menu restaurant. That changed the entire food sector. Yes sector. For example, it changed the way that crops are raised by farmers, the packaging process, and even the expectations of food overall. We are in the restaurant industry, and we aren’t saying that Ray Croc ruined the restaurant industry, he just changed it. 


Ray Croc was actually an innovator, an entrepreneur, and can arguably be compared to people like Steve Jobs, with Apple. 


So what’s the problem with the fast food industry?


Well, that’s a vague question. There’s a ton of things wrong with it. From a business standpoint, or for the dollar chasers, fast food is a money making machine, and that’s what was a big motivator for Ray Croc. Most people know that fast food uses the cheapest, most unhealthy food ingredients. It's supposed to be fast, cheap, and taste good. 


It’s supposed to overload your brain chemicals, such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin. Fast food chains do this by using a few different techniques. One is called dynamic contrast. Dynamic contrast is using a combination of different sensations in the same food. This could be like a crunchy shell on the outside, with a gooey, creamy inside. There’s also a thing called salivary response. This is the experience of eating a food item, and the more you eat of that item, the more your mouth will salivate. Fast food restaurants research how to do this, and they’ll find out what will trigger the most salivation, so your brain does a little happy dance. 


Another thing that fast food restaurants do is: they manipulate food density. Yup, ever notice how you don’t ever fully feel quite satisfied after eating it? This is because it’s full of empty calories, and basically has very low amounts of nutritional value. Your brain says, “Yes, this will give you some energy” but it won’t give you so many calories that you think you’re full. It’s a pretty dirty trick they play. 


Okay, another point we want to make about how they manipulate you is an obvious one. If you look up the nutritional facts online, there’s an outrageous amount of salt added, and insane amounts of sugar. They’ve figured out how to addict you to their food, making you return to buy it once more. Some people don’t even realize they’re being victimized. 

Also by manipulating you, they use the worst quality ingredients, and are only focused on taking your money. If fast food restaurants sell a burger at $2, imagine exactly how good the ingredients actually are. What they do is they focus on getting enough people (volume) through their drive through, so they can profit as much as possible. 


They make their food so cheap because it is cheap. They use photoshoots/photoshop to make it look like it’s some extraordinary thing. On their commercials, their food is air-brushed, there's music playing, and theirs people smiling in the background to trigger your emotions. Even through their advertising they manipulate consumers. 


Our final point about the negative aspects of fast food is about how unhealthy it is. 


We aren’t health freaks over here at Burke’s, but its surprising the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) even allows some fast food place’s items to even be sold. Have you ever heard of MSG? Prophylene glycol? Sodium nitrate? Carminic acid (a.k.a. beetle extracts)? Silicon dioxide (“Wow, that sounds good for you…”)? Aluminum sulfate? Alright, we bet you get the point. It’s simply outrageous that some people eat this garbage each, and every day. Sorry to keep babbling, we’re just trying to give you an idea of what you might be eating if you visit fast food places. 


Just think that people allow their kids to grow up on this kind of food. While children’s brains are developing, their consuming this junk. That can’t be good. 


We could continue to rant on all day about how the fast food industry manipulates it’s customers by adding shocking amounts of salt and sugar, making their food extremely affordable, and all the other ways of tricking you into buying their unhealthy food. Those are just SOME of the reasons why we heavily dislike fast food. 


We believe you should eat out somewhere exceptional, or not eat out at all. You should eat high quality food with home style cooking, have mass variety, and also have a great experience with a view. 


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