Sit Down Restaurants VS Fast Food

February 21, 2018


There are many differences between eating at a sit-down restaurant versus fast food restaurant. Granted, they each provide different needs for different occasions. One option is quicker and convenient for many. However, sit-down dining has high quality food with a dining experience. Here’s what we think you should reconsider the next time you head to a fast food drive-thru.

Tons of people in the United States consume fast food each day. Many people go to fast food restaurants mainly because it’s cheap, and it’s quick. For lack of a better word, it’s convenient. The typical thought process that goes on in consumers’ minds when arriving at the fast food line is: “I’m hungry and I want a quick meal, but I don’t want to pay very much.” When they receive their meals it tends to be about what one would expect. They might look down in their to-go order  and they realize that there’s grease in the bottom of the bag, and it is now on their brand new pants. When they open up the meal, they may realize that they have gotten a soggy burger that cost about $3. Most of their fries have fallen to the bottom of the bag, and are now cold. They finish the burger and they now have a feeling of regret. 


The reason that the fast food consumers may feel buyer’s remorse is because they feel awful after eating that kind of food. The quality food may upset their stomach, and be hard to digest. The next thought may be they wish that they went to a place proving a rich dining experience instead. 


You see, fast food has its place. When in a hurry, and needing something quick and inexpensive, you might choose fast food. When you want a nice meal with high quality food, someone waiting on you, and a great atmosphere, you may choose to go to a sit down restaurant. 


You come to a sit down restaurant for an experience, and in order to have a good one,  select one that cares about your dining experience. At ‘sit-downs’ the employees are emphasized to care about customer satisfaction, service, experience, atmosphere, well-being, presentation, quality, attention to detail, etc... The list could keep going, but we’ll stop there. 


By now we think you get the point. 


By spending a little bit more time and money, you’re paying for an experience and increasing the quality.


By the way, we didn’t intend to rip on fast food chains. We just believe that you should be aware (which you may already be), to have a superb dining experience, you may want to consider choosing a ‘dine in’ experience. The ambience can make all the difference. 


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