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We feature a wide variety of items including slow roasted prime rib, all-you-can-eat fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches, at home breakfast, craft and domestic beers, cocktails, fine wines, and much, much more.

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     In 1953, the Kelly Family built a small roadside resort. There were five cabins and a restaurant built in the shape of a tugboat. The shape may have been appealing to the eyes, but was an architectural nightmare. It was later demolished in 1956. 


     The new Bill’s Waterfront Restaurant opened in the fall of 1956. It was famous for sock hop, 50’s style atmosphere, burgers, shakes, and fries. There was a jukebox in the middle of the dining room with lots of after school dancing also. The Kelly Family ran this successfully for nearly 26 years. 


     In the fall of 1982, a new chapter was born. Our family, the Burke’s (pronounced with a long ‘e’) purchased the restaurant from Mickey Kelly. Our father, Larry Burke, already an accomplished chef, followed his dream, and strived to keep the atmosphere close to the same. Larry would always make sure that the restaurant was open for any weary traveler or hungry patron. This inspired the reasoning for being open 24/7 for 8 consecutive years. Larry passed on to a better place in 1992, and will always be remembered  for his “people helping people” attitude about life. 


     Our family is still involved in the everyday operations, along with a superb group of employees that have been on staff here or many years. We encourage people to eat here for the friendly service, and the good down home cooking that our father taught us. Our business has existed many years because of the guests like you. Thank you.  We listen to your comments and requests, and strive to meet your needs and                                values. We hope you have a  wonderful dining experience.                                                                                                                                                                      







Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 9PM

Friday - Saturday: 7AM - 10PM 

Sunday: 7AM - 9PM



Monday - Thursday: 7AM - 8:30 PM

Friday - Saturday: 7AM - 9PM 

Sunday: 7AM - 8:30PM




Monday - Thursday: 7AM -  8PM

Friday - Saturday: 7AM - 9PM 

Sunday: 7AM - 8PM